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Free Horse Racing Tips – Teach Your Equine Respect

Free Horse Racing Tips – Teach Your Equine Respect

We teach our children to respect older people and we know that as grownups we must also respect those who are in higher positions to attain a balanced relationship in a society. This trait must also be taught to our equines so that we will have a healthy relationship with them as well.

This free horse racing tips may not provide you with clues to win the race but the advices here are essential in nurturing equines so that they can perform well during the sport or in their tasks.

We must consider their wellness behind the arena because neglecting it will never get them on track. Pet owners must find it enjoyable to have an equine and this can only happen if their pets know respect.

The first thing that owners must consider is to understand the nature of their pets. Equines feel safer when they are in a herd. Before people domesticated them, they travel in groups so that their predators will find it hard to get a taste of them when they are a herd. In it, they also have their hierarchy.

It means that they have a dominant horse bossing them around. The dominant one can make the others follow him by pinning its ears, lowering the head and moving forward with power. The boss can further hurt the others when they do not follow by kicking or biting them.

Make your equine feel safe and be the boss for them so that they can easily follow your lead. You can provide them with a good shelter to keep away other animals and pests from hurting them. The shelter you provide must have proper ventilation. They must feel warm during the extreme cold or cool during the extreme heat.

Provide a trough that is only for water and another one for the fodder in case grass is not available. Always have a good veterinarian who can assist you and you can contact anytime. They can provide professional care which can make your equine extra healthy, strong and resistant to illnesses.

Check the physical condition of your pet and know the sicknesses that can inflict them during summer or winter. If it is your first time to have an equine, read more horse tips in the internet or ask pros about your pet so that you will know the proper treatment and care.

Feed with them with the right food and make them feel comfortable all the time. Your equine may never speak your language but your good actions will tell them everything that you want them to know. Have the right equipment for riding as well for your safety. Keep their shelter clean and their water fresh.

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