AL Notes: Rizzo, Aguilar, Guardians, Pagan, Rangers, Heim, Huff

Florial is being called up as well as Weber. Hopefully they DFA Banda after last night. Cashman should realize his cost-saving moves are not working, when year after year, they fail.

According to multiple reports, Yankees are hitting under .200 over the past 22 games, and they haven’t had offense this poor since 1968, which was the end of a dynasty. This is supposed to be mid-contention window – that’s embarrassing and there is no excuse for this performance or these repeated roster failures.

Yankees keep talking about the future – well, the future is now. They’ve failed in player acquisition, player development, and player management. Although I understand Judge saying they can’t worry about the standings, I disagree. It’s exactly that, “don’t worry, just go out there and get your hits and it’ll be fine” attitude that has them right where they are.

Pauly O’Neill said it best – there’s no urgency. The 90’s Yanks desired to win every single game, every single play. This team, you have Aaron Hicks celebrating a blooper over the 2B’s head.

This team is Cashman’s prime construct – handpicked players, handpicked $325M ace, and handpicked manager. They can’t even win a pennant. If this year plays out as it appears it will, changes are desperately needed. There are many other GMs who, having the same autonomy, would’ve won at least one pennant.

Published at Sat, 03 Sep 2022 19:25:14 +0000