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From tonight’s chat and thousands of comments from Yankee and Red Sox fans in chatrooms…..

I know most of you grew up with those 2 teams fighting over the top FA’s each year, often getting 2-3. There were the one-sided salary dump trades. They were directly caused by those two franchises running up player salaries causing teams that thought they could contend to give a player a multi-year contact. Then when the team didn’t contend resulting in attendance / TV viewership going down, they were in danger of losing big money if they kept the player and paid his salary. So they’d agree to one-sided trades. Taking on so-so prospects for their established players. Later if some of those prospects developed they threatened FA resulting in their teams knowing they couldn’t afford the big salaries so they traded them to the Yankees and Red Sox for more so-so prospects to develop for them.

Fans in small and even mid-markets got sick of being feeder teams to the Yankees and Red Sox, and their owners knew that something had to be done or their franchises wouldn’t be worth peanuts. Slowly the field was leveled some. Revenue Sharing. Pay slots in the draft (The Yankees and Red Sox were notorious for telling top prospects agents to tell teams that wanted to draft them that they wouldn’t sign with them. When the Yankees and Red Sox drafted them later they’d give the prospects the big bonus money later in the draft.) There’s more of course, starting with the penalties for going into a pseudo salary cap (Luxury Tax).

The point is that what went on for over 25-30 years since FA came into being is gone. Many raised Yankee and Red Sox fans don’t understand that your FO’s were not brilliant. They were swimming in revenue compared to other markets and devious. Those good old days are not coming back. It’s not just the partial leveling of the revenue. It’s literally every franchise in MLB understanding how to compete with less revenue than the Yankees and Red Sox. Now those 2 FO’s must compete within a structure. So the days of your trading so-so prospects for established star players are not coming back. Nor are the days of your signing 2-3 of the top FA’s each year. Your farm systems have to develop players. Your ML coaching staffs have to make those on the 26 man roster better. In short – the bullying is not coming back. You need to understand how the game is played.

P.S. It’s not the teams I “hate”. It’s that I get annoyed at people commenting here that don’t respect or understand either the game or the opposing franchises right to compete.

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