Chiefs: Tyreek Hill credits Eric Bieniemy for playoff win over Bills

Tyreek Hill gives Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy a ton of credit for his former team beating the Buffalo Bills in their thrilling AFC Divisional Round playoff game.

If not for a fired-up Eric Bieniemy, Tyreek Hill is not so sure the Kansas City Chiefs would have beaten the Buffalo Bills when it mattered most last postseason.

In the AFC Divisional Round at Arrowhead last January, Kansas City won an overtime thriller over Buffalo in a game that will forever be known as “13 Seconds” in Chiefs Kingdom lore. Besides having Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen duke it out in a quarterback battle for the ages, Hill credits his former offensive coordinator for letting his players know who they lost to in Week 5: Buffalo.

Here is what Hill said on his podcast It Needed To Be Said about Bieniemy’s energy that week.

“Our offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, like he’s a madman,” said Hill on his podcast, It Needed To Be Said. “He was cussing us out all week. Saying, ‘Y’all let these MFs come in here and whoop y’all like that. Like, c’mon man, y’all gotta have some respect on y’all name in this building, in this organization,’ and stuff like that.”

Hill would add Bieniemy’s comments fueled the fire inside of the Chiefs to get it done vs. Buffalo.

“And, like, I could just sense in the guys’ eyes and hearts, and I just felt the energy. Like guys like really took that and like ran with it, the whole week. Like practice was perfect. No drops like during the whole week. Defense was flying around. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. And we all were on the same page.”

Fate would have it, this would be the last game Hill proved victorious wearing a Chiefs uniform.

Here is the most recent episode of It Needed To Be Said, featuring Bills safety Jordan Poyer.

Tyreek Hill credits Eric Bieniemy for Kansas City Chiefs playoff win over Buffalo

Though Bieniemy has had plenty of opportunities to interview for head-coaching positions, those roles have evaded him thus far in his NFL coaching career. Hill may no longer play a part in this dream becoming a reality for Bieniemy, as he catches passes for the Miami Dolphins. However, this anecdote he shared with Poyer could be a last-ditch effort to help his former coach out.

Bieniemy will never get the credit he deserves as an offensive coordinator because he works under one of the greatest play designers of our lifetimes in Andy Reid. It may serve Bieniemy to leave Kansas City at some point, but why make a lateral move when you can use the power of the Mahomes/Reid partnership to propel you to the perfect landing spot? It may not happen, though…

Ultimately, these are the type of stories people like Hill will put out there into the world to let everybody know how good of a leader Bieniemy really is. Although he may only be seen by the powers at be as an offensive coordinator or a glorified position coach, Hill knows what Bieniemy has meant to the Chiefs over the last several seasons. They are a better team with him part of it.

If the Chiefs make it back to the Super Bowl, it might be enough for Bieniemy to get his own team.

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