MLBTR Chat Transcript

Another thing about the rankings that I’ve seen…..

A team is in the top 3-4 for their “farm system”. One would think they’re chock full of quality prospects. They may have 60-80 players in that farm system.

They promote 3 of their AAA prospects one year.

Their farm system is now ranked around 15th.

I’ve seen this happen when a ML team is in a rebuild numerous times (the next year they call up 3 more guys, their farm system ranking goes to 22-25).

One offseason a ML Baseball Ops guy trades veterans for 3-4 prospects. According to the rankings: “He rebuilt the farm system”.

It seems to me that the majority of prospects that make it to the majors either fail, or bounce around from team to team having one or two decent years if they’re fortunate.

Again, I’m sure MLB FO’s have accurate stats on all these, and understand the realities as opposed to the sensationalism sold to fans.

It’s also why I say that organizations have to develop players at the ML level today to be successful. The chat noted the Dodgers; the Astros and others do the same. Teams can trade for players with good or bad stats. What matters is how they translate under the new teams coaching.

Published at Sun, 17 Jul 2022 03:00:09 +0000

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