Packers need a postseason win to avoid an embarrassing comparison

If the Green Bay Packers don’t step up and go on a deep postseason run in 2022, it’ll be another season of lost opportunities.

An unfortunate reality for Green Bay Packers fans was brought to light on Friday via this Minnesota Vikings fan’s tweet:

Although it seems hard to believe, it’s true. The Packers, who have been to two NFC Championship Game since 2017, and the Vikings, who haven’t even made a playoff appearance since 2019, both have a total of two postseason victories over the past five years.

When conversation shifts to the Packers in the playoffs, the tone typically darkens.

Aaron Rodgers has averaged about 11 regular-season wins per year since becoming the Packers’ starting quarterback in 2008, and the team has made the postseason 11 times. The consistency is unquestionable, but once the playoff bracket is set, Green Bay’s struggles begin. It has only advanced beyond the Divisional round five times, and have claimed just one Super Bowl title (2010) over that stretch.

Green Bay needs to step up and outshine the Vikings when it counts

The Vikings, on the other hand, have only been to the playoffs six times since Rodgers has become public enemy No. 1 of the NFC North, and have not made a single trip to the Super Bowl. In recent memory, however, the success they have had can be stacked rather evenly against that of their greatest divisional foe.

Rodgers has won consecutive league MVP’s and has led the Packers to the conference championship game in two of the past three seasons, but what does any of that really mean? If the end result in the big moment is always disappointment, what bragging rights do Packers fans have over the people of Minnesota? The Vikings are 5-4-1 head-to-head against the Pack since 2017, and have experienced identical success in terms of playoff wins.

If Green Bay fans wish to avoid admitting how closely their success has been in comparison to — or directly against — Minnesota in recent years, they will need Rodgers and the Packers to remain steadfast through the upcoming regular season, and improve  upon their recent postseason success with another win or two this year.

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