MLBTR Chat Transcript

I understand that it’s a “Trade Rumors” site, but teams that succeed do it by squaring away their players, not by making trades for every weakness they have.

The Phillies coaching staff has done a remarkable job this year fixing many of their bullpen pitchers. Alvarado just finished his 5th straight appearance – 5-2/3 innings of coming in and not given up a run (I thought that would have been impossible). He did give up a hit, but before that the Phillies bullpen had retired 34 straight batters.

I still think the Phillies sell at the deadline, but their coaching staff has done a great job working with their pre-season perceived shortcomings at CF, SS and 3B – along with the bullpen. Successful teams don’t need a All-Star at each position on the Depth Chart. They need players that can contribute to the team winning each game. If the Phillies can keep playing solid baseball then maybe Harper and Segura can get back to contribute in September.

Published at Mon, 27 Jun 2022 03:10:11 +0000

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