Jeremy Stephens: Fans will ‘see a very aggressive, sharp skilled’ fighter at PFL 4

Jeremy Stephens: Fans will ‘see a very aggressive, sharp skilled’ fighter at PFL 4

Jeremy Stephens is looking to rebound from his first PFL loss when he takes on Myles Price at PFL 4.

Jeremy Stephens had a long and successful career in the UFC. Earlier this year his time with the UFC came to a close but he was lucky enough to find a new home that suits him well, the Professional Fighters League. The PFL season style is unique in combat sports but Stephen finds it refreshing to have an exact schedule to follow throughout the year. He sat down with FanSided’s Amy Kaplan to discuss this fact and more.

“Yeah, it relieves It relieves a lot of stress, you know, in the UFC you could have a ‘Fight of the Night,’ like I just had with Clay (Guida), and fight like seven months down the road, eight months down the road. For me, it’s been one time a year, these past like two, three years. So that’s been a little bit of a challenge for me,” Stephens said. “It’s something that I don’t I don’t really like, fighting once a year. I’ve been fighting three times, you know, against really good opponents, three-plus times a year since I’ve been 16 years old. So I’ve been used to staying consistent. I’m a bit old school like a baseball player too. I like to consistently be batting you know, pretty much like every inning, and, and showing u, it keeps the weight down keeps you in shape. When you’re in that type of experience inside the Octagon, it’s a lot better to keep that if you’re healthy. You’re familiar with that intimate fight feeling. And that’s where I love to be I don’t like fighting once a year, that gap can make a big difference.”

For this next matchup, Stephens is taking on Myles Price, who is coming off his first PFL loss as well against Anthony Pettis. The plan to defeat Price is the same as all of Stephens’ fights quick as possible.

“Getting the f–k out of there as quick as possible as always the goal,” He explained. “If you still stick around it’s the same as the first round get them out there quick as possible if he’s in there the third then he’s got to die you know that’s the mindset going into this fight. I’m going to put a ferocious pace. I’m gonna be patiently aggressive and come in well-balanced, fine-tuned, looking to be very mean very rough, and very brutal against this guy, I’m looking to take him out with every strike that I get, every chance that I get. I’m looking to be mean, I’m looking to be nasty, and look to see a very aggressive, sharp skilled Stephens.”

PFL 4 will feature bouts in the lightweight and light heavyweight divisions. Stephens will look to make it through this event with enough points to head into the PFL playoffs set for later this year.

PFL 4 is set to take place on July 17 live from the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow along with FanSided MMA for all your news and highlights.

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