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1. Mr. Polishuk is not just far and away the best writer on MLBTR, he’s one of the best baseball writers / commentators I’ve read / heard the past few years anywhere.

2. Interesting question on the Padres needing more offense. I watched a good portion of the Brewers-Padres series. Mirror images of each other. Built on 1) run suppression – defense and pitching; 2) strong fundamental play; and 3) getting one more run then the team they’re playing.

Both teams need to get their position players off the IL, then add a bat or two. If the Phillies are out of the playoff race Rhys Hoskins would be a nice pickup for either team in return for a few ML-ready youngsters. With Scott Boras as his agent he’s a 1-1/2 year rental that can DH and be a run producer. Something both teams need. Not a large salary but depends on their budget along with other moves they make.

Published at Mon, 06 Jun 2022 00:36:35 +0000

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