Nick Foles one-ups Carson Wentz again by taking Colts roster spot

Nick Foles one-ups Carson Wentz again by taking Colts roster spot

The Indianapolis Colts are adding Nick Foles to their quarterback room just months after trading Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders.

The two former Eagles signal-callers have since moved on to, well, I wouldn’t call it greener pastures. However, Foles does add a veteran presence to the Colts locker room, something they could use behind Matt Ryan given Jacoby Brissett is now in Cleveland.

Foles’ last QB experience came in Chicago, where he threw for an 11:8 touchdown-to-interception ratio in two seasons at the helm. If anything, Foles proved once and for all that he’s a solid backup, but not a star QB in the making, despite his Super Bowl LII heroics.

Nonetheless, Foles does have experience working with Frank Reich, and he’ll be able to step in should Ryan get injured at any point this season. Indy also has Sam Ehlinger, James Morgan and Jack Coan in the QB room, but Foles clearly trumps them as a QB qualified enough to hold the clipboard.

Colts: Nick Foles gets the best of Carson Wentz again

Sure, it’s a bit of stretch, but one can’t help but laugh at Foles being Reich’s preferred QB of choice in the building, rather than Wentz, who underwhelmed in his lone season in Indy.

Wentz was erratic and unpredictable at times, while Foles is at least a steady presence. Reich knows what he’s getting at times, while a Wentz-led offense could score a touchdown or turn the ball over on any given play.

Unfortunately for the former top-5 pick, the latter was all too often the result in 2021.

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