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“…the Athletics will have to do a lot of shuffling just to remain in the mix, when the simpler method — in a world without their self-imposed payroll restrictions — would be to just build around their already-good core”

Here’s where I have a problem with many MLBTR writers and most posters.

What does “self-imposed payroll restrictions” mean? Like having a budget that aligns with revenue and fixed expenses? Or could it mean that they “go all in” with a few long-term high contracts and trading of prospects, and then have to go into a 3-6 year rebuild (which oftentimes doesn’t work) as they can’t meet the payroll and their farm system is depleted – as happened to the Jays and Royals around 2017.

The A’s have had their cycles for around 20 years now. They elect to take a step back, unload some players that are nearing their FA date, and are able to bounce back within a few years. The A’s are no different than any team in MLB. At some point every team has to take a step back if they want to be a serious, sustainable contender. It all aligns to a combination of their only retaining a players rights for 6 years (unless they buy out a few FA years) and hitting a point where they have too many long-term contracts on the books in which the players production is regressing while his salary is going up.

Shapiro supposedly reamed out AA in Toronto when he got up there for “going all in” and then leaving a mess that forced the Jays into a rebuild. Fact is that AA seems to have learned. He’s been far more patient with young players and measured in his moves in Atlanta – if not, that team would have never made the WS this year (and still has a bright immediate future to continue being a contending team.),

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