Mets’ Assistant Pitching Coach Ricky Meinhold Leaves Organization

the only change us Mets fan truly care about and wanna see is “hey Sandy, sorry, I’m letting you go. I just hired Theo to run the whole show, what he says goes, all I do is sign the checks…oh and tell Rojas, ya gave it the ol’ college try, but he’s gone too. Thaaaaaanks!”

maybe Beane & Melvin if not Theo, or if they can get Erik Neander from Tampa, and he convinced Cohen to pay up to get Bochy out of retirement to manage….

Sandy is just bad luck somehow, he’s too old and into his ways to truly adapt to learning how to NOT hire messes like Mickey and Porter and Scott. He’s old school, old era….
and I don’t want to replace him with the “next new up and coming POBO;” we need a proven winner, who can change the culture from JUST beneath the owner, all the way down.
I was excited to get Cohen to buy the team from the Wilpons and have all that wealth, but I never expected him to buy every single player: they gotta choose where and who they wanna play for, and with…they gotta consult their wives about living in NY area, they may hate media, etc etc. But what I DID expect and was looking forward to witj having a $12 BILLION owner, was being able to afford the BEST upper management, scouting, and game managers/coaches, to at the very least,,get the foundation in place….
so no more guys who “deserved a chance but he was on the Marlins”… or a guy who is a great assistant GM,,but never a full GM, and suddenly he’s running the team….and no more FRIGGIN puppets!
Go NUTS and give Theo 5-7 years, $10 mil per, and just say “you run the show, turn us around, I’ll simply sign the checks. Period, AMEN”

guy isn’t PERFECT but he got chips on the 2 most hapless, cursed, choking franchises in the sport. I trust Theo FULLY.
MAKE IT HAPPEN, Cohen, with ya ding dang BILLIONS and ur friggin ridiculous tweets and your squabbling with individual media/fan Twitter accounts!!
Get Theo or Neander, pay em, give em full autonomy, and just sit back and watch the results!!!

Published at Sat, 25 Sep 2021 03:30:05 +0000

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