What’s next for Tito Ortiz?

What’s next for Tito Ortiz after his disappointing boxing loss to Anderson Silva?

Tito Ortiz is at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to his combat sports career after his boxing debut against Anderson Silva didn’t exactly go as planned. Ortiz suffered a quick knockout against Silva and looked out of his element against the more-experienced Silva in the ring.

The 46-year-old Ortiz may not be done in his combat sports career just yet, despite the disappointing loss to Silva. After hinting at retiring numerous times over the past four years, Ortiz has managed to fight in multiple MMA bouts along with trying out a new venture in the boxing ring.

Following his loss to Silva, Ortiz sounded optimistic about his fighting future after speaking out in a series of social media posts.

Let’s take a look at what could be next for Ortiz during what could be the final chapter of his legendary career.

Tito Ortiz could give boxing another shot

Ortiz has always been someone who doesn’t lose quietly, as evident by his recent Instagram post following the loss to Silva. He could logically give boxing another try against a less-experienced opponent than Silva, who has already tacked on a few boxing wins including earlier this year over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Ortiz called out the controversial YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul in a tweet over the weekend and sounds like he wants to get back in the ring sometime soon.

In terms of a future opponent, one interesting matchup could be another fight with Chael Sonnen in boxing. Ortiz and Sonnen have plenty of bad blood, stemming from their buildup to their fight at Bellator 170.

Ortiz could go on to win the fight by first-round submission, dominating the bout from the opening seconds. Sonnen has also hinted at a possible run in boxing soon, and a matchup with Ortiz would make a lot of sense for both sides.

Tito Ortiz could return to his roots for another run in MMA

Many fans might have forgotten that Ortiz has won five of his last six appearances in the MMA cage, with brief hiatuses away from the sport in between each bout. He most recently fought against Alberto El Patron at Combate Americas 51 back in late 2019.

If Ortiz wants to return to a more familiar venture in MMA, he could conceivably re-sign with Bellator or possibly look at joining another promotion such as the PFL.

Ortiz still owns his own MMA team in Huntington Beach, CA, and may choose to make one last run in the sport he once dominated during his time in the UFC.  A return to Bellator would make a lot of sense and would allow Ortiz to end his career more positively.

Tito Ortiz could call it a career

If Ortiz wants to ride into the sunset and end his combat sports career once and for all, he has plenty of other options to make a living outside of athletics.

Ortiz has previously dabbled in the world of politics served a one-year term as the mayor of Huntington Beach. His short-lived political career wasn’t without controversy though, after Ortiz made multiple controversial statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic along with being a fervent supporter of former U.S. president Donald Trump.

Ortiz could also utilize his personality and wrestling experience for a possible career in professional wrestling, and join either WWE or AEW. If Ortiz decides to stop competing professionally in MMA and boxing, there are plenty of other avenues in which he could potentially succeed.

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