Chad George wraps up MMA career with emotional second documentary

Chad George wraps up MMA career with emotional second documentary.

Bellator and WEC veteran, Chad George, retired from MMA in 2019 after a long and emotional career which many fans saw an inside look at via a  2011 documentary Occupation: Fighter. His career following that movie saw many ups and downs and George eventually retired in 2015. But like many MMA retirements, he began itching for one last good-bye and that’s what the second documentary is about. It follows George as he prepares to step into the cage one last time.

And this time, George says the retirement sticks.

“I knew that when I was walking into that last fight that the passion that first fighting was, wasn’t what it was anymore,” George told FanSided MMA. “I was finally content with everything that I’ve done, and knowing that was gonna be my last time. It’s really time for me to be less selfish and focus on my athletes, and my team. I’m almost 40 years old, I have a family now. And it’s really about what comes next and how I can contribute to what comes next.”

In the documentary, The Life of a Fighter: The Journey you see George battle with various injuries and ailments, multiple opponent changes and coaching his students as they begin their careers.

“Honestly, that night I could have been walking in there with an arm off and I would have been in there,” he laughed. “I was so focused and so excited, so ready for that moment it didn’t matter. The biggest thing that I realized that this was, this was my chance to prove everything that I preach. It’s choices that we make, it’s mental decisions, and yea, my body hurt. But when I was there, It doesn’t matter. It truly doesn’t matter. Afterwards it’s a different story. But when I was in there. None of that mattered.”

The pressure of entering what you know is your final fight can be intense pressure but having a film crew and the result riding on the storyline for a documentary just adds that much more. George wasn’t concerned about the outcome of the fight, after all, he lost his fight in Occupation: Fighter and that made the story that much more real.

“I think for me it was okay,” he said. “Every time, when I go to a fight or anything I go in there with the intention that I’m gonna win this. But, if I were to lose and it wasn’t going to be the result that it did I think it would just, it would reiterate the fact that I’m always talking about that,  there’s gonna be ups and downs and everything’s defined by a moment, it’s what we do after that moment. But, of course I’m happy that it went the way that it did. I had a great fight and it was a fun fight, and, that was a perfect, tap to the way I was ending my career.”

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