Will Tim Tebow take on Jake Paul in boxing ring?

Will Tim Tebow take on Jake Paul in boxing ring? 

It seems like no one is safe when it comes to a potential opponent for YouTuber turned undefeated professional boxer, Jake Paul. And Tim Tebow, a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is not safe from him either it seems.

Tebow has done everything from college ball, NFL appearances, MLB dabbling but are we going to see him get into the boxing ring with Paul anytime soon?

Tim Tebow responds to Jake Paul callout

Paul called out Tim when news of Tebow being cut by the Jaguars broke.

And now Tebow has weighed in.

“I did pretend to be Rocky in Lip Sync Battle, and I won that one, so I don’t know,” Tebow joked while appearing on a SportsCenter segment with David Lloyd. “I don’t think there’s much of a shot for that. … I don’t think that’s where I’m probably going to head next.”


We don’t blame him though. Who wants their name mudded with Paul?

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