Packers: Aaron Rodgers isn’t fine, but does it even matter anymore?

The Green Bay Packers’ relationship with Aaron Rodgers will never be fine, at least not while he’s still playing in the NFL.

Brian Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur have done irreparable damage to the franchise’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers.

Yet, reports out of Green Bay suggest that the communication between the two sides are about as good as it’s going to get. Why is that the case?

It’s not because either side has done the necessary fixing. No, if anything this is evidence of the contrary. Both Rodgers and Gutekunst understand that this is likely the veteran quarterback’s final year with the Packers. Considering the potential of the roster they have in place, the two sides might as well make the most of it.

Rodgers and Gutekunst have had consistent communication throughout training camp, which is pretty much the bare minimum that Rodgers wanted in the first place.

Packers still lined up to deal Aaron Rodgers next offseason

The Packers have already agreed to trade Rodgers if he still wants out in 2022. This is all per Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Green Bay is sufficiently over the salary cap going into the 2022 offseason. Because of this, they’ll have to either extend or trade Rodgers next offseason. If he’s still unhappy, they might as well get what they can for him and start building around Jordan Love, who would still be on his rookie contract.

For now, the Packers are built around Rodgers, and a contender for the Super Bowl at that in a crowded NFC. They are about as talented as they can be as currently constructed, with a quarterback making as much as Rodgers is.

Should they choose to move on from him and go with Love, who is making significantly less, it could lead to a more complete roster in the long run.

Published at Fri, 03 Sep 2021 23:06:08 +0000

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