NFL Twitter has gone ‘Off the Wall’ with Michael Jackson jokes

Michael Jackson Sr. will have to take a look at himself and make a change after he’s barraged with tweets alluding to his namesake, the King of Pop. 

Namesakes are interesting. In Space Jam, Daffy Duck got confused between Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls and Michael B. Jordan, the actor. Isaiah Thomas got bombarded with a slew of tweets after The Last Dance because people thought he was the same Isiah Thomas from the Detroit Bad Boys.

As you can see… it’s pretty common. For this New England Patriot, he just couldn’t catch a break after his own namesake to a pop singer with regal ties.

Michael Jackson (the football player) got every King of Pop joke thrown his way on twitter

If you didn’t know, it’s Michael Jackson’s birthday today. He’s given us a ton of music over the years that we’ll play for decades to come. From Off the Wall, to Thriller and Bad, the music is timeless and recognizable by nearly every generation. But even the King of Pop isn’t immune to namesakes.

Michael Jackson Sr. of the Pats got a 12th man on the field penalty, which is pretty “Bad”, but NFL Twitter “Can’t Help It” with these jokes.

The jokes have no end, considering there’s so many great songs to come from the King of Pop that can fit into this joke-a-thon. It looks like they won’t stop till they get enough and that is totally fine.

Published at Mon, 30 Aug 2021 03:18:15 +0000

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