No Fun League flags worst taunting call of all-time on Colts RB (Video)

Indianapolis Colts rookie running back Benny LeMay drew a flag for one of the most absurd taunting calls you’ll see in the NFL this year.

The NFL preseason can be a great reminder of all the things that make football great. The games are meaningless, but the action still draws eyes.

Unfortunately, plays also draw the most ridiculous penalties you can imagine.

On Sunday, Colts running back Benny LeMay ran afoul of the referees for allegedly taunting the Panthers after a big run play.

If this is taunting, then the NFL is going to have a ton of flags flying all year for no good reason.

LeMay did nothing wrong. He churned his legs to pick up extra yards in a show of great strength and made the mistake of being pumped up after the play. He didn’t incite a fight or go overboard with his celebration. He flexed. That’s it.

Colts running back Benny LeMay picked up the worst taunting call ever

No fan wants to see that kind of incident flagged, wiping out a great play for the silliest reason. There are bigger issues in the game to put the focus on. This one wasn’t the one to flag.

It’s a shame the NFL keeps insisting on living up to its moniker as the “No Fun League.” At least it’s only the preseason. Maybe the league will look at that example and realize what a dumb flag it was.

Despite the penalty, LeMay had a good day. He had six carries for 26 yards and a touchdown in the fourth quarter from one yard out. His score helped tie the game at 18 after a two-point conversion. Indianapolis went on to win with a go-ahead field goal in the final seconds.

Published at Sun, 15 Aug 2021 21:42:00 +0000

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