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Great Chat as we’re accustomed to every Sunday evening.

Projecting the off-season at this point is difficult. There may be some FO changes and for sure some managers. While I do see the 2 NYC teams spending money on FA’s and trying to take on salary in trade in an attempt to win, am not sure about any of the other teams….

A few years ago the talk was all about the 5-6 year tanking the Astros and Cubs went through. It worked well in Houston where the entire organization was revamped in how they scouted, obtained and developed players – including veterans they brought in from other teams. That structure is still in place. The Cubs seem to have no real structure in place to develop players – especially pitchers. But the long-term rebuild that the Phillies did proved to be a large failure – it appears at best maybe a half-dozen players panned out, with only Hoskins, Eflin, and Nola being above average players …..and Nola has looked like a #3 starter in 2021. They could have spent in free agency 5 years earlier and had their fans avoid the pain.

The “Restructuring” that the Giants and Red Sox have done the past 2-3 years whereby they changed their organizational philosophies, restructured their development support structure and payroll while keeping a core of their veteran players as opposed to trading them all for prospects, has worked well.

Since all professional team sports pretty much copy cat what works for others, I’d suggest that the teams currently in long-term rebuilds that had to revamp their organizations – Tigers, Orioles, Royals, and Pirates – will not be joined any time soon. Rather the Giants / Red Sox ‘Restructure’ will be what teams such as the Angles, Twins, Indians, Nationals, Cubs, Cardinals, and others do. This will change the typical “buyer/seller” market of dumping salaries for prospects, as teams look more at 1-3 year time horizons where they temporarily take a step back. It’s also clear that successful teams can win by staying away from 7-10 year contracts, as it’s risky to project a players performance more than 2-3 years out…..if that. As noted in the Chat – FO’s such as the Brewers, Rays, and Giants have a clear plan of what roles they want fulfilled on the field; they go out and get guys they can work with and control for a few years to execute them. They do not need 8-10 star players to win.

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