BFN 5: Watch cage collapse around fighters in regional MMA event (Video)

A pair of fighters tore the house down, quite literally, on a regional MMA card

Regional MMA cards can sometimes bring quite the sights, and that was what happened when one event saw the cage come apart in the middle of a fight.

A pair of combatants competing at an event known as BFN 5 had just reached the halfway point of their bout when the events, and cage, began to unfold.

Watch cage hilariously come apart during a regional MMA fight

After one fighter threw a leg kick at his opponent, the same fighter went in for a takedown.

The takedown attempt went to the cage, where the two looked to battle against the cage wall.

What happened, instead, was the portion of the cage opened up and came down, completely breaking the cage apart in hilarious fashion.

Fortunately, it appears neither fighter fell out of the cage and no one was severely hurt.

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Published at Sat, 07 Aug 2021 23:27:46 +0000

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