UFC 265: Pedro Munhoz looking forward to displaying ‘aggressiveness’ with Jose Aldo, gives prediction

Pedro Munhoz looking forward to displaying ‘aggressiveness’ with Jose Aldo, gives prediction for UFC 265 bout. 

While at American Top Team, FanSided sat down for a quick interview with Pedro Munhoz who was just weeks out from his fight with former long-time champion, Jose Aldo. The fight, set as the co-main event for UFC 265, could be the biggest of Munhoz’s career and he knows that.

But, despite the heavy weight of what a win over a former champion could mean, he feels no added pressure.

“There’s definitely no pressure at all,” he said. “I love to do what I do. We always want to win; of course, it’s a part of the process. But also, it’s something that I’m not thinking about. I’m just thinking of being able to show my performance the best that I can. With that itself, I try to put the pressure on the side and just see it as something that I am passionate about, which is just to fight and show my skills on that night. I think the victory will automatically and naturally, it’s going to happen.”

Munhoz recalls the moments he and his team first heard he’d be fighting Aldo.

“We were very excited,” Munhoz said. “Being able to watch Jose Aldo for many years. I like his style a lot. I think it’s very similar [to mine]. We both came from jiu-jitsu, but we like to display the fights mostly standing up. I got excited to fight a legend. Another former champ under my background, on my resume. I am very excited. Fighting another Brazillian guy, you know he’s popular in Brazil. So it’s a fight that’s definitely, a lot of people will be watching. I think it’s going to be good recognition [for me to] be able to display my style, my aggressiveness. Jose Aldo is the guy that likes to stand and fight in the pocket, kind of like the same style that I like to do. We both counter punches, knowing [to look] for the leg kicks. It’s going to be incredible.”

Jose Aldo and Pedro Munhoz are both Brazilian

Oftentimes we don’t get the chance to see two Brazilians fight each other. Some refuse to fight their fellow countrymen, others, like Aldo and Munhoz, understand this is work.

“I’ve never had a problem fighting [Brazillians],” Munhoz said. “I started my career in Brazil before I moved to the United States. I fought four Brazilians. Before that, I used to compete in a lot of jiu-jitsu, all of the tournaments in Brazil growing up. It’s an individual sport; it’s not like it has anything to do with race or countries or anything like that. As I said, it’s an individual sport. Each of us there represents ourselves, not a country. I’ve been living in America for more than 10 years. I just see another fight. In reality, in many interviews, they ask me that question. I don’t have any problem fighting a Brazilian, an Asian, an American. It’s my job. There’s not hate behind it. It’s just to prove who’s the best fighter that night, and that’s how I see it.”

And Muhoz, like many fighters preparing for a big fight, has pictured how the fight will end.

“Knock out, first or second round,” he said.

UFC 265 takes place on Aug. 7, 2021, live from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. Follow along with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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