Watch: Patrick Mahomes reveals he’s learned a lot from Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Mahomes has learned so much from studying Aaron Rodgers’ game over the years.

Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a student of the game, as he is always looking to learn from the very best in the league, including most notably from Green Bay PackersNFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

During a live look-in during NFL training camp, Mahomes spoke candidly about the guys he patterns his game after to Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. While Mahomes said he takes a bit here and there from guys he plays similar to like Rogers and Josh Allen, he will also look at learning from quarterbacks who do a bit more in the pocket like Tom Brady and Kirk Cousins.

While he learns from seemingly everyone, apparently, Mahomes has been adding elements of Rodgers’ game to his since his days of playing in the Big 12 for Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech.

KC Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes says he patterns his game after Aaron Rodgers’

With a similar skill set, why wouldn’t Mahomes want to use a bit of what works for Rodgers when creating his own playing style? Obviously, Mahomes is self-aware enough to realize there are things Rodgers can do that he never can. He does not need to be a facsimile of the Green Bay superstar to have success in the league; he only needs to become the best version of himself.

From an arm talent and ad-libbing standpoint, the Mahomes to Rodgers comparisons are obvious. Both can move a little bit too in and around the pocket. Where Mahomes can continue to learn from Rodgers is what he does at the line pre-snap. Maybe he can develop Rodgers’ patented hard count that draws the opposition offsides for one free play after another? He is so good at that.

Mahomes has picked one outstanding quarterback to largely pattern his game after in Rodgers.

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