Brandon Workman Elects Free Agency

Figure out? It’s pretty easy if watch him throw 2-3 games what is coming, trick was to hit it.. FB high and his nasty curve, which he at 1 time could throw for strikes and last cpl years hasn’t been able to.

Workman is 1 of the less than a handful of players who throws the curve 50%+. it’s that good. He started that much after his TJ and converted to relief several years back. Barely saw the cutter any longer, which he used to throw a decent %.

Shame for this year is he *did* manage to regain his FB velocity back to 92-3 range, which was gone last year much of the time, just not able to locate his curve, even FB at all. Shame, liked him his entire MiLB-MLB career, but looks like on a downward spiral.

Published at Mon, 02 Aug 2021 01:33:33 +0000

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