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Thank you for calling me young! Though it wasn’t in a complimentary fashion, I’ll still take it. Depending on how stats are going to be compared (within the last 40 years), you may be surprised.

For example, look at hitting streaks of 30 or 40 games or more and compare to scoreless inning streaks in the 30 to 40 range.

There are more hitters in that range in the last 40 years than pitchers,if we look at 30+ innings and 30+ games. Greinke, Webb, and Kershaw vs Molitor, Rollins, Castillo, Utley, Santiago, and Uggla.

Now, those hitters’ streaks all ended in the 30 game range where the above trio got into the 40s.

But claiming with certainty any record like Dimaggio’s, Ripken’s, or Hershiser’s will fall before another streak is broken is a not a wise bet. But thanks again for the youngster comment!

Published at Sun, 04 Apr 2021 02:09:16 +0000

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