5 of the best welterweight fights in MMA history

The welterweight division has some of the best fights ever. Here are five of the best. 

The welterweight division is among the most storied weight classes in mixed martial arts. Not only does the welterweight division hold memory to some all-time great fighters with the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Matt Hughes, and Kamaru Usman, it is also home to some of mixed martial arts best fights ever.

So, what makes a great fight? It’s not as simple as just black and white. A great fight includes a mix of several factors like adversity, determination, durability, skill,  and toughness. It needs to be competitive and of course, it needs to be fan-friendly. It can be any fight, big or small, main event or prelims opener, respectful or heated rivalry, strawweight or heavyweight, UFC or Titian FC. But in this article, we’ll look to list five of the best fights to ever take place in the welterweight division.

Keeping that criterion in mind, dozens of the best welterweight fights were analyzed and a whole lot of violence was consumed. It was quite enjoyable, but it was far from easy to narrow it down to just five.

With that being said, here are two honorable mentions with respect to the best welterweight fights ever.

Matt Huges vs. Frank Trigg 2 – UFC 52

A must-watch for any fight fan and one of the most electrifying comebacks in UFC history. Often regarded as one of the UFC’s greatest fights, Hughes vs. Trigg 2 was inducted into the Fight Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame in 2015.

Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi – PRIDE 33

A young 23-year-old Nick Diaz’s one and only fight with the PRIDE promotion was a wild one. While in the face of adversity early on with a brutal cut on his face, Diaz would weather the storm, battle back, and secure a rare gogoplata to submit Gomi in the second round.

Read on to behold five of the best welterweight fights ever.

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