Chiefs: Tyreek Hill hilariously puts teammate on blast for gross in-game act

Tyreek Hill is in peak offseason mode, and he didn’t shy away from calling out a teammate.

Hill and the Chiefs are coming off a disappointing finish, but that doesn’t cloud their entire 2020-21 campaign. Rather, Kansas City is set up to compete for years to come, even with a complicated cap situation this offseason. Patrick Mahomes is locked up for the long-term and so are his weapons, making for an unstoppable offense into the near future at the very least.

The only thing that can stop the Chiefs…are themselves. Tyreek made sure to keep things lite on his end, poking fun at a teammate for…picking their nose. Yes, he’s got the photo to prove it.

Is that…Demarcus Robinson? Who’s to say, I’m not about to call anyone out. At least he’s wearing gloves, it could always be worse.

The Chiefs receiving corps is as talented, and close, as ever

Mahomes’ selection of weapons gets along off the field as well, and this includes tight end Travis Kelce. Despite some clever joshing, the majority are under contract for some times and hang out off the field as well.

The lone outlier, in this case, is veteran wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who looks to find a new home in free agency unless the Chiefs deem him essential to bring back. Watkins hasn’t necessarily lived up to his price tag, and the Chiefs would be better served to use that money elsewhere. Watkins is only 27, so perhaps they could bring him back on a one-year prove it deal.

Or, ya know, they could splurge on some Kleenex.

Published at Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:05:52 +0000

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