Texans: How much money would Deshaun Watson lose by sitting out?

Deshaun Watson would rather sit out games than play for the Houston Texans again.

To say Deshaun Watson’s relationship with the Houston Texans has completely deteriorated would be a gross understatement at this point. New head coach, new general manger. It doesn’t matter. He wants out.

The franchise quarterback would apparently rather sit out games — preseason or regular-season affairs, it doesn’t matter — than ever play another snap for the Texans. Even if he is threatening to hold out, the Texans are not budging and have no interest in trading him. So how much money would the quarterback stand to lose if he sat out all of the 2021 NFL season?

Deshaun Watson would lose over $20 million if he sat out the entire 2021 season

If Watson were to not report or do anything associated with Texans football this upcoming season, he would lose over $20 million. No OTAs, mandatory minicamp, training camp or preseason games would cost Watson roughly $3.65 million. Assuming a 17-game 2021 NFL season, Watson would lose $11.6 million in base salary. Houston would have the right to reclaim his $5.4 million signing bonus.

If you add all three totals up, Watson will lose at least $20.65 million in 2021. While that is a massive amount of money for most people, it is not about the money for Watson. He wants to get out of Houston faster than James Harden. It is obvious the Texans are trying to call Watson on his bluff, but what if he is not bluffing? It would prove he prioritizes his environment over everything.

If Watson is comfortable with losing over $20 million to not play, then he might sit out the season.

Published at Sat, 27 Feb 2021 21:26:20 +0000

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