UFC news: No, that wasn’t Ben Askren beating up an Oklahoma football player in a bar fight (Video)

No, Ben Askren didn’t beat up a kid in a bar.

Somehow former MMA champion, Ben Askren, keeps getting pulled into drama but this time it wasn’t even his fault. When news broke that an Oklahoma football player nearly lost his eye in a bar fight with an MMA fighter, fans from all over the internet were quick to point out how similar the guy doing the damage looked like Askren. And man, he sure does.

But Askren took to Twitter to explain, no, that wasn’t him.

Ben Askren has been accused of fight in a bar before

In the video, he revealed it’s not the first time he’s been misidentified for fighting in a bar.

“So, one time, 2005 cops get in my house on Sunday night, and they say ‘hey man need to come with us, because you were in a bar fight last night’ and I said, ‘Man, I wasn’t in the bar fight’ I promised I was not in a bar fight. I said ‘I was in freaking Guatemala wrestling the Pan Am championships’, and they said ‘we need proof’, and this is before smartphones, I didn’t have proof on me. So, the next day, I had to get my itinerary, print everything out, I showed that I won a medal at the tournament. boom, they cleared me. I wasn’t on a bar fight. I’ve never been in a bar fight. That wasn’t me in Oklahoma.”

The video of the fight has gone viral not just because of the slick moves but because there’s some question about who was the victim and who was the aggressor.

One thing we can be sure of … it wasn’t Askren. Has anyone checked on Chase Hooper though?

Askren is currently prepping for his boxing bout with Jake Paul.

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