3 things we learned from Georges St-Pierre’s Clubhouse chat with AJ Agazarm

Three things we learned from Georges St-Pierre’s Clubhouse chat with AJ Agazarm.

On Tuesday afternoon, BJJ black-belt and professional MMA fighter, AJ Agazarm hosted a discussion with former UFC champion, Georges St-Pierre. The chat was hosted on the new social media platform, Clubhouse. The chat lasted about 30 minutes and we collected three of the most important tidbits from it from those who couldn’t listen live.

Georges St-Pierre doesn’t think he’s *that* good at pure wrestling

“I’m a better wrestler for MMA than I am in pure wrestling, but I’m actually not bad at wrestling as well,” St-Pierre said. “I trained with some guys that trained for the Olympic games. And I’ve trained in Colorado with the team there as well. So I’m okay. I’m far from Olympic level. I’m not bad in wrestling. It’s just the thing that helped me a lot is the fact that I did karate. And my style of karate, I use the timing of karate to set up my takedown. So my style is very different than a lot of the wrestlers. Like for example Kamaru Usman and Khabib Nurmagomedov, they use their wrestling, most of the time they like to push their opponent to the fence, and then they do what we call chain wrestling, they are good wall wrestlers. I’m a little bit reluctant of using these kinds of technique because it makes you waste a lot of energy. I always preferred to set up my takedown from the outside. I use what we call it a proactive takedown.”

One piece of advice he’d give young GSP

“The key to improve in mixed martial art and this, I understood this quite recently, and if I would come back and tell young Georges some advice I tell him – make your training more playful, more fun,” he said. “Because when we train it’s an ego thing and you always feel like you’re in competition and the stress, oh, you’re training with these guys in the room, and ‘I don’t want him to make me tap’, ‘I want to crush him’. So if I need him in competition, I’ll have an edge on them, psychological warfare. This is not a good way to train. You need to train more playful, more having fun.”

Training at 100 percent isn’t always the best

“You know, when you’re young, you’re full of energy, your ego very often gets in the way,” he said. “So even in sparring, and when you roll very often, you don’t think about it. But it’s like when you drive a car if you push the pedal all the way down all the time you’re driving your car won’t last long, you know, the longevity of your car won’t last long. And your body is the same way. When you train, not only in striking but when you roll, I don’t think it’s a good idea to always go 100 percent. I think there should be some like a cycle sometimes you can do hard but sometimes you don’t go that hard. You can train every day but you don’t have to train hard. Train smart is way more important than training hard.”

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