Stefan Struve announces his retirement from MMA following illness

Longtime UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve has announced his retirement from MMA following an inner ear issue. 

A longtime contender in the UFC heavyweight division, Stefan Struve has announced via his personal social media account that he is retiring from mixed martial arts. Since coming t the UFC back in 2009, Struve has had his fair share of wins and losses. Standing at seven feet tall, he is aptly nicknamed “The Skyscraper” and has been a fan favorite over the last 12 years. His reason for walking away at this time is due to a lingering ear illness.

“I wanted to make an announcement before the news came out in a different way,” Struve wrote on Instagram. “I was contacted by the UFC last week for a fight. However, I have decided that it is time to retire from fighting. I was able to take my space and time the last couple of months to overthink this, so this time it really is for good,” Struve said. “I’ve had an inner ear issue I’ve been battling since May last year. I caught a viral infection that has damaged my vestibular system and the hearing nerve in my right ear. After new tests done recently we learned that the vestibular system is not working properly, the first conclusion in May was that it was most likely BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Because of this, I have also been dealing with vertigo issues, and also loss of hearing and tinnitus, a ringing noise in my ear.”

Some of Struve’s notable wins in the UFC include a second-round TKO victory over champion Stipe Miocic and a submission victory over Marcos Rogério de Lima. He has lost his last two and explains that after his most recent loss his ear problems remained.

“After that fight, I was having more issues again and the doctor’s scheduled new tests. Those, unfortunately for me, took a long time to happen because of the lockdown over here in the Netherlands,” Struve wrote. “After these tests, I was told the damage in the ear and the vestibular issues caused by the viral infection I’d been dealing with are most likely permanent. I have no big issues when I’m just doing my everyday things and, or, training on a normal level to be healthy and in shape. The extreme intensity I have put my body through in training camp to get ready for fights I can’t do anymore. At this juncture, I realize that it’s time to hang up the gloves for good, and my put my health and family first. I’ve had a long career and battled through multiple injuries, including a broken jaw and my heart condition. Pushing forward and training hard without listening to my body would be asking for real trouble in my opinion.”

He concludes his statement by thanking the UFC and although he is not sure what the future will hold for him he will be spending time with family.

Published at Mon, 15 Feb 2021 21:52:59 +0000

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