3 things we hope Bellator will announce for the 2021 schedule

Bellator will make an announcement on Tuesday for the upcoming year.

Bellator is finally back, hopefully. A huge announcement is expected on Tuesday, where Bellator will reportedly announce their return date for the 2021 calendar year, a reason for the hiatus, and probably more things to come.

The current rumor has a return in April and part of the reason for the delay may be due to the channel they’ll be airing on, as a return to Showtime may happen. There’s also talk of CBS getting several big Bellator cards as well. Don’t doubt them landing on Paramount+ either, as Peacock and Disney+ (through their bundle) are finding success by bringing live-sports to their services.

Not only could a better home for viewing Bellator be announced, but there could be new fighters, new tournaments, new everything! Let’s take a look at what could be announced.

These are three things we’d like to see get announced.

Light Heavyweight Grand Prix

With the additions of Yoel Romero and Corey Anderson, the run to Phil Davis is on, the dominance of Vadim Nemkov, and the depth of talent in the light heavyweight division, many are hoping that Scott Coker announces a Light Heavyweight Grand Prix. The women have yet to have their first Grand Prix yet, and with the abundance of rising stars in the women’s flyweight division, many think that should be the next group to get a Grand Prix. Honestly, why not both? Before you even finish the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix, start two more. Fans love Grand Prix’s and it gives an added importance to fights that normally wouldn’t have that extra emphasis on it.

The Last Emperor’s last title fight

Bellator’s heavyweight division could use an influx of new talent. Cheick Kongo is in his mid-40’s and division champ Ryan Bader’s next opponent should be journeymen Tim Johnson. Not exactly a who’s who of great fighters surrounding the champ at the moment. That’s why, whether it’s Bader or Johnson, the next man up should be the Last Emporer Fedor Emelianenko. Now the talk of Emelianenko retiring sooner rather than later is very real, so it’s not something you can really delay if you intend on doing it. Hopefully, Johnson and Bader kick off the return in a title fight, so Emelianenko can fight ASAP. That is, assuming Emelianenko isn’t too besieged by the after-effects of COVID-19.

New ways to watch their events

Ideally, fans should want Bellator to land on Paramount+ and CBS. It’ll be the biggest outlets for the events to be broadcasted on. On CBS, hopefully, you can get one major Saturday show a month, which would feature some stacked lineups, and then you can take the cards you were doing on CBS Sports Network and move them to YouTube and Paramount+.

This would give fans a much better ability to view Bellator, and after a strong year in 2020, could allow them to continue to eat up shares of the market.

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