Aaron Rodgers edges out Josh Allen as 2020 Fantasy Football MVP

The stats overwhelmingly prove that Aaron Rodgers is the Fantasy MVP and it’s not particularly close. 

In a chaotic season where all 32 NFL football teams managed to play a full schedule despite a virus that has stricken half a million people, veteran Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers edged out Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen as the 2020 Fantasy Football Most Valuable Player (MVP).

It was the closest race in several years with Rodgers beating Allen by .4 of a point.  The following criteria were used to evaluate all of the MVP candidates.

Total Fantasy Football Points

Using the ESPN standard scoring system this season, Rodgers scored 383.26 fantasy football points (FFP) in 16 games.  Josh Allen actually outscored the Green Bay quarterback, finishing with 396.06 FFP.  But  the point totals also include a quarterback’s rushing statistics.  Allen clearly had the advantage as he ran for 421 yards and 8 touchdowns.  Rodgers rushed for 149 yards and 3 touchdowns.

It should be noted that overall scoring was down in 2020 as last year’s No. 1 scorer in fantasy football was Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey and he had 471.2 FFP.  Both McCaffrey and Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson 2019 totals were more than Rodgers and Allen scored this year.  (Jackson had 415.58 FFP  last season.)

Average Points Scored per Game

Given the additional protocols established to battle the coronavirus and more expected issues like injuries and suspensions, the number of fantasy football players who played a full 16-game season was down in 2020.

Since both Rodgers and Allen played in every game and Allen had more FFP in 2020, the Buffalo quarterback had the better average of 24.8 FFP per game. (Rodgers averaged 24 points per game.)


Aaron Rodgers lead Green Bay to 51 touchdowns this season.  He threw 48 touchdown passes and rushed for 3..  His closest rival in touchdown passes was Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson who threw 40.  Allen was No. 4 with 37 touchdown passes..  (Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes finished No. 3 with 38 TD passes.)

Interceptions and Fumbles

This area of Allen’s 2020 performance cost him the MVP award.  Josh Allen lost 6 fumbles this season and threw 10 interceptions.  They aren’t awful numbers for the Buffalo quarterback, but Aaron Rodgers lost 2 fumbles and threw only 5 interceptions.

The touchdown-to-interception ratio for Rodgers was Incredible.  He completed approximately 9.5 touchdown passes for every interception he threw.  Allen’s touchdown- to-interception ratio was 3.7 to 1.


Aaron Rodgers scored 20 or more FFP points in 13 out of 16 games.  Allen scored 20+ in 10 games. Rodger’s leadership and consistent performance led the Green Bay Packers to the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs.  Rodgers is deservedly the 2020 Fantasy Football MVP.

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