5 MMA wishes we would like to see come true in 2021

These are the five MMA wishes we would like to see come true in 2021.

Mercifully, 2020 has ended. Not only was it one of the most unique years in MMA history but just purely one of the most stand-alone years in history — period. With all it brought, there will come some residual effects heading into the 2021 campaign. However, not all hope is lost.

During a time where everyday life carried forth looking bleaker and more upsetting for one reason or the next, sports such as MMA powered on to provide fans with a temporary escape. In fact, MMA, as represented by the UFC, was the first major sporting event to return following the initial global shutdown via the COVID-19 outbreak early on.

Fast forward to 2021’s start, and many sporting events around the world are back. But just with different safety protocols and either no crowds or a limited capacity — which brings us to the start of our wishlist for MMA in 2021.

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5. The return of fans

The atmosphere created by a fully packed crowd of MMA fans is unlike anything else in sports. From location to location, the energy is going to be exclusively it’s own. In some cases, one specific fighter can draw that special breed of fan that’s willing to travel far and wide just to witness them perform.

Wishing for fans in attendance this year isn’t merely wishing for just that. It goes hand in hand with the conquering of the Coronavirus pandemic and the returning to our normal lives that preceded 2020. It’s impossible to tell how likely or soon that will be, but that’s the whole point of a wish, right?

Ultimately, there are bigger fights to be fought outside of MMA and once they can be concluded, things will feel like they once used to again.

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