Re-casting The Office using UFC fighters because … why not?

Re-casting The Office using UFC fighters.

The hit NBC show The Office is officially leaving Netflix this month and we thought it was the perfect time to re-cast the iconic comedy using UFC fighters and personalities which match some of the character traits of each of the main cast from The Office.

So, without further ado … here is The Office reimagined using UFC fighters.

Dana White as Michael Scott

Michael Scott is that boss we’ve all had. Someone who thinks he knows exactly the right way to do things but somehow misses the mark … often. The thing about Michael is that even though the things he says and does are cringeworthy, he is still pretty damn good at his job. No one could portray Michael any better than UFC president Dana White.

This one is a no-brainer.

Bryce Mitchell as Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute was known as the slightly eccentric, somewhat controversial and absolutely loveable anyway character and that kinda fits how we’d describe Bryce Mitchell. And c’mon can’t you imagine if Dwight ever fought he’d absolutely want some camo shorts?

Conor McGregor as Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert was the real boss of the office. He allowed Michael to keep the credit but he’s what kept everyone coming back and actually kept things together. Conor McGregor doesn’t have the cool that Jim did but we all know he knows how to control Dana White without Dana even realizing it and that’s a Jim trait for sure.

Ronda Rousey as Pam Halpert

This was the toughest to cast but Ronda Rousey was the first name that came to mind when I thought of Pam Halpert. My biggest trait I believe that Ronda and Pam have is their friendship with the boss. Pam was Michael’s best friend (at least in his mind) and the same could be said for Dana White and Ronda’s relationship.

Dustin Poirier as Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard was always the bridesmaid, even when held the title as regional manager he was never really the boss. He was just holding the place for Michael, metaphorically of course. The same can be said for Dustin Poirier who is absolutely title-worthy but, so far, only held an interim title.

I couldn’t see Dustin sporting those pastel suits though, he’s got too much style for that.

Stipe Miocic as Stanley Hudson

Stanley Hudson is the type of man who wants to come to work, get it done and then be left alone. He doesn’t want to go to the meetings, he doesn’t want to be bothered. He doesn’t want to be told what to do and he’s going to ignore all of the drama that’s going on around him. Now you tell me who else is like that in the UFC besides Stipe Miocic? I’ll wait.

Tito Ortiz as Kevin Malone

Technically Tito Ortiz isn’t a UFC fighter anymore (neither are two others I have on this list) but it’s my list and I make up the rules. Deal with it. Look, I hate to say it but Kevin Malone is kind of an idiot. And I honestly can’t think of anyone else who says more dumbass crap than Tito Ortiz.

Valentina Shevchenko as Angela Martin

Angela Martin is the bitch of the office and while I don’t think Valentina Shevchenko is a bitch she definitely gives off powerful vibes which some people (men) can sometimes mistake for bitchiness.

Paige VanZant as Meredith Palmer

Meredith Palmer is up for anything. She’s the life of the party and she isn’t afraid to get hurt. I would describe Paige VanZant the same way.

And no, I’m not calling Paige a slut or an alcoholic just to clear that up.

Kamaru Usman as Phyllis Vance

Phyllis Vance was a calming presence in the office, she never riled things up too much unless it was for a great cause. That’s kind of how we view Kamaru Usman as well.

Mike Perry as Creed Bratton

Creed was the creepy guy in the corner who everyone wonders why he’s still around. He was constantly breaking the rules and being shady. Kind of like how Mike Perry is.

Colby Covington as Kelly Kapoor

Kelly Kapoor was the annoying pest in the office everyone tried to avoid. Literally, no one could fill that spot but Colby Covington.

Sean Shelby as Toby Flenderson

A last but not least is Toby Flenderson. He’s the one guy in the office who actually has a brain and good intentions but just absolutely caves to Michael and lets him kind of walk all over him. Not sure what it is about UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby that makes us think he’d be perfect for that role.

Who do you think we cast wrong? What about some of the other characters like Ryan Howard and Erin Hanin that we didn’t cast?

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