Someone paid Bruce Buffer to break up with their girlfriend for them (Video)

Bruce Buffer gets a Cameo request that is equally funny and awful.

Let’s say you were told you were going to have a very down moment in your life, one of the bluest of times. But, you were also told UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer was going to give you some form of narration or break the news to you. Would that make it any better?

Well, it turns out someone did pay Buffer to deliver a bit of bad news on their behalf.

Bruce Buffer was actually paid a Cameo request to announce a breakup

Buffer was given a Cameo request to what appears to be announcing a breakup. The video made the rounds on social media after being uploaded to Twitter by Borrachinha Depot.

Buffer transitions from his signature “It’s time” to tell someone to “move on,” ending things with a smile.

Look at Buffer’s eyes and smile — he doesn’t seem to believe he’s being paid to do something like this.

On one hand, Buffer’s announcing could bring spice (for better or worse) to any situation. And maybe if the dumped party is a UFC fan, there’s some solace in that you got a message from Buffer. Or…on the other hand, it may have just ruined Bruce Buffer for them for life.

Cameo is such a wonderful tool, isn’t it?

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Published at Sun, 13 Dec 2020 23:17:18 +0000

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