Derek Carr turns into pumpkin against Falcons with awful pick-6

Derek Carr just gave the Falcons one of the easiest touchdowns of the year, throwing a truly awful pick-6. 

What in the world is going on with the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons? After nearly taking down the Kansas City Chiefs for the second time this season last Sunday, many expected them to have a big day against the Falcons.

That has not been the case whatsoever. Derek Carr and the offense have looked absolutely terrible, as they can’t seem to get into any kind of a rhythm. To make things even worse, Carr just gifted the Falcons with a touchdown, as he tossed one of the worst pick-6 throws of the year. Really, this one was bad.

Derek Carr and the Raiders have looked terrible against the Falcons

Rather than throw the ball away, Carr tried to be the superhero, but things didn’t go as planned here. He missed his target by a country mile, with Deion Jones having the ball fall right into his hands. Then, all he saw in front of him was open field, with Jones taking it all the way back for the touchdown.

That score gave the Falcons a 23-3 lead over the Raiders. Who in the world saw this coming? The expectation was that Las Vegas would have their way with the struggling Falcons. Instead, Matt Ryan and Co. have looked like the far superior team.

Jon Gruden has been fuming throughout the game and it’s quite easy to understand why. Las Vegas has played flat since the opening whistle. Just when you think this team is taking a step forward, they take two steps back. For Carr, that interception was simply inexcusable. He’s got to play better than that.

Published at Sun, 29 Nov 2020 20:56:58 +0000

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