Andrew Vaughn, 2021 Fantasy Outlook

Andrew Vaughn, hmm. A classic case of team ready to win, having the parts to do it, but are they thinking long-term to save money? Like Altuve trying to get cereal, going with the latter always wins. Never trust teams to promote prospects. It’s good self-care to expect teams to be absolutely monolithic creatures of saving money and not caring for fans’ wants and/or needs. Imagine a giant glove compartment filled with all the Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons in the entire world, that’s every major league team, except the Dodgers and Yankees, and maybe now the Mets. By the by, how do the Dodgers and Yanks compete every year? Hmm, let’s see, could it be they spend money? Really? I nailed it on my first guess? Damn, just lucky I guess. The Pirates’ team owner is worth $1.1 billion. He could sign Trevor Bauer, George Springer, and Liam Hendricks to one-year $25 million contracts, and still have one billion left over accruing enough interest to pay for those contracts. But, ya know, poor franchises! Any hoo! Andrew Vaughn’s ETA is what this entire post is going to come down to, but, well…So, what can we expect from Andrew Vaughn for 2021 fantasy baseball?

Andrew Vaughn is the most polished prospect I’ve seen since A.J. Pollock *intern whispers in ear* Pollock and polished aren’t the same? Hmm… Okay, hearing now Vaughn is polished, but that’s not what I thought it was. Vaughn spits on pitches at a 14% rate in the low minors, which is where he spent 2019. In 2019, he was tagged to start 2020 in Double-A, then up to Triple-A by the end of the minor league season. Then 2020 actually happened, and it’s really fouled up my expected prospect promotions. Vaughn has to go to Double-A for the month of April, then up to Triple-A by May, then maybe promoted by June, right? I don’t know. He was a Golden Spikes winner his sophomore year in college, and looks selective like a ten-year vet. He could be Jose Abreu with walks. But Jose Abreu exists and I’m back to the little problem of an ETA and playing time. Edwin is assumed gone, but what if he’s not? But have I mentioned the Golden Spikes? Vaughn’s sophomore year: 23/4, .402/.531/.819, which is hilarious, and hints at his possibility.

He’s a .300 hitter with power, and every lovey-dovey first baseman-DH hybrid. I watched opposite-field bombs, pulled missiles, jacked jacks. There was nothing not impressive, and I’m sure it will translate to the major leagues, at some point, but he’s at least two months away, and I’m not entirely sure this abhorrent year that was 2020 pushes his timetable back another month or two. Is there a scenario where he impresses in Spring Training, and the White Sox decide to split 1B/DH with him and Jose Abreu out of camp? Absolutely. But that feels like pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams, and I’m all out of those. For 2021, I’ll give Andrew Vaughn projections of 39/14/48/.277 in 334 ABs, and a mid-to-late June call-up. Obviously, there’s a chance here for more, and an earlier or later call-up.


Published at Thu, 26 Nov 2020 08:00:03 +0000

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