Jazz Chisholm, 2021 Fantasy Outlook

I was tempted to do a rookie outlook post for the entire Marlins organization. Here’s me putting guys in categories in my brain:

“Okay, Jesus Aguilar, you stay where you are. Everyone else take a step forward.” Seeing one player with his head low, “Wait, who are you?”
The player finally lifts their head, “I’m Chad Wallach, sir.”
“Oh, you stay with Jesus Aguilar. I think. Were you in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?”
“That’s Eli Wallach, sir.”
“Any relation?”
“Not sure, but since this is your inner monologue, you could google it.”
“Don’t talk back to me, son.”

So, there’s a ton of Marlins prospects. Let’s just run down some names:  Jazz Chisholm, Monte Harrison, Sixto Sanchez, Trevor Rogers, Lewin Diaz, Edward Cabrera and Max Meyer. Already gave you a Sixto Sanchez fantasy, and I debated writing one for Edward Cabrera, but, honestly, Prospect Itch’s Marlins top 10 prospects will suffice for most of these guys. Monte Harrison is interesting, but has severe strikeout tendencies, and I like Lewin Diaz, but more of an NL-Only guy, who I might rank in January, but don’t think I need to talk about him for 500+ words at this point. Jazz Chisholm, though, there’s still more to say, and looks to be at least be in the discussion for a starting job in April, which makes him immediately relevant. So, what can we expect from Jazz Chisholm for 2021 fantasy baseball?

Psyche! My NFBC league filled, so we’ve started another league with Donkey Teeth. The slow draft starts this coming Monday, and costs $150 to join. $1,000 to the winner, $350 to 2nd place, and money back to 3rd. Also, there’s a $30,000 overall prize, amongst other incentives, like razzing Donkey when he drafts Chris Sale and Noah Syndergaard. Donkey’s league is just about full too, so don’t wait, hesitate or any other rhyming synonym. To sign up, click this rather unwieldy link that’s under this writing. Anyway, the Jazz Chisholm 2021 fantasy:

Marlins are filled with low-contact prospect hitters, huh? Okay, sorry, I was looking at Monte Harrison, and now Jazz Chisholm. Maybe Jeter doesn’t want anyone who threatens him as the best contact guy on the team. In Double-A last year, Chisholm went 21/16 with a 11.3% walk rate, and 33.8% strikeout rate and a .204 average, and, um, my Jazz hands are moving from excitement to just scratching my head. Hey, bro, ya kinda have to make more contact. Then in a very small sample this year after his call-up, Chisholm went 2/2 with a 30.6% strikeout rate and a .161 average. Here’s a thinkpiece from 2025 about the Marlins, “Why the Marlins Shouldn’t Have Asked Lewis Brinson To Be Their Prospects’ Batting Coach.”

So, why are we here talking about a guy who can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a rake rather than a guy who just rakes? Chisholm makes great contact, when he hits the ball, and the ball jumps off his bat. He also has that tantalizing-for-fantasy speed/power combo. Think back to what I said a few sentences ago, Chisholm went 18/13 with a .204 average. That was in 395 ABs. While it’s not 100% Jazz hands to have a guy go 30/30/.200 because that average does drag down the fun times, but at middle infidel? I’m still very interested. Plus, he’ll only be 23 years old to start 2021, so maybe the contact rate gets a little better as he matures. His strikeouts did get better after his trade from the D-Backs to the Marlins in the 2nd half of his stay in Double-A, down to 25.5%.

If he has a 25% strikeout rate in the majors, he’s going to go 25/25/.260 and become a top 25 overall bat. In 2021’s draft season, he’s prolly barely a last round flyer with huge upside. Sit on him during Spring Training, and if he’s sent down, which he likely will, then you can drop him. No down side, because his draft price is basically free. All about investment vs. potential reward, which is why I’d love to offer you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in my shock collar that goes off every time someone says, “It goes without saying.” If it goes without saying, stop saying it! For 2021, I’ll give Jazz Chisholm projections of 31/13/34/.206/10 in 268 ABs with a late-June/All-Star Break call-up.


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