Mike Zimmer’s quip about his special teams is brief, yet hilarious

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer enjoyed a win over the Bears on Monday night, but is clearly frustrated with his special teams unit. 

Even after a victory, you can’t blame Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer from being a tad annoyed with some players on his team. More specifically, we’re going to have to call out the special teams unit. Plain and simple, that group has been atrocious this year for the Vikes.

NFL fans witnessed that during Monday Night Football, as Minnesota’s special teams play was downright atrocious. When asked on Tuesday about their play, Zimmer delivered a brief, yet humorous response.

Mike Zimmer hilariously said his Vikings special teams unit is aging him

Yup, when asked if he’s aging because of the special teams play, Zimmer had no choice but to say yes. Hey, if he starts getting more gray hairs, he should send his players the bill if he decides to get some hair dye. In all seriousness, that unit needs to clean things up and fast if the Vikings have any shot of making the postseason this year.

In the narrow victory over Chicago, special teams was a disaster. Chicago’s evening was highlighted by Cordarrelle Patterson’s 104-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, which tied the NFL record.

How did Zimmer feel about Patterson racing down the field for the long score? Take a look for yourself:

Jeez, when was the last time we saw Zimmer that fired up? You can understand why he finally boiled over. To let Patterson cruise to the end zone like that was simply a joke. The special teams play just has to be better than that. For Zimmer’s sake, let’s hope things are much improved when Chicago returns to the field in Week 12 against the Packers.

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