Hornets Drop New City Edition Uniforms For 2020-21

As we get closer to the 2020-21 NBA season, teams continue to unveil new City Edition uniforms. One of the more recent teams to showcase their new jerseys was the Charlotte Hornets, in association with their jersey patch sponsor, LendingTree.

The uniform is meant to celebrate Charlotte’s history as home of the first U.S. Branch Mint and the Carolina Gold Rush of the early 1800s. They also wanted to display granite accents, as granite is the state rock of North Carolina. To represent this, the jersey itself is mint in color with gold and granite accents. 

Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield further explained the meaning behind these new, unique jerseys.

“The City Edition uniform is designed to celebrate an aspect of local pride, and we are pleased to pay homage to Charlotte’s reputation as a beacon of hope dating back more than two centuries. From the Carolina Gold Rush, to the opening of the first U.S. Branch Mint, and on to today as the country’s second largest banking center, our city has a long history of influence and being at the forefront of greatness.  We are proud to acknowledge this legacy with a uniform that is as unique as our community and remains in line with our ethos of being vibrant and trendsetting.”

The slogan “Buzz City” will once again return on the front of the new Hornets jersey while also featuring gold and granite pinstripes. The shorts will display a gold and granite version of the team’s secondary logo on the outside of each leg, while the waistband features a granite “C” in the official team font outlined in gold that is reminiscent of the “C” that appeared on coins from the Charlotte Mint.

Just like Charlotte’s other jerseys, the new City Edition features the logos of Nike’s Jordan Brand. For more information on these new threads, check out the official release.


Published at Sun, 15 Nov 2020 16:35:17 +0000

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